Sometimes as developers, when we see a problem, we immediately think up a technical solution. We get all excited. We are eager to start coding. We dream about how marvelous it will be. I’ll use “this” technology or “that” methodology we think. It’s going to be great!

But most of the time there are easier and simpler ways to solve the problem.

Before you begin your task ask yourself “Is this the most valuable use of my time?”. If the answer is “No”, then go do something more valuable.

Some other good questions to ask yourself before starting any work:

“Why am I implementing this?”

“Is it necessary?”

“Is there an easier way to solve this?”

“How can I get the same results by not building this?”

In the end these questions might prevent you from building anything at all. This is a good thing as it gives you more time to work on things that are valuable.