Some interesting ideas from The Tim Ferriss Show’s interview with Kevin Kelly:

  1. Find out what you think by writing as opposed to thinking about something and then writing it down.
  2. Find your “voice” by writing like you would an email to a friend.
  3. What are you doing that no one else can?
    • If a lot of people can do what you do then go do something only you can do.
  4. You can’t purchase innovation. You can only buy solutions.
    • Successful companies and successful people generally try to solve problems with money.
    • If you could purchase innovations, all the big companies would just purchase them.
    • Innovation is more suited to startups than large enterprises.
  5. If you had 6 months to live what would you do?
  6. If you had a billion dollars what would you do?
  7. When you think about the future question what would happen if the assumptions we hold as true today didn’t exist? Eg. What if Moore’s law didn’t hold in the future?
  8. Choose your technology as opposed to blindly using it.
  9. Only do the ideas you can’t give away and you can’t kill. (They keep coming back)
  10. Is it better to optimize your strengths or to invest into the unknown, into places where you’re weak? (creator’s dilemma or innovator’s dilemma)

If you want more insights into the interview hit up the Podcast or download the full transcript.