How is git so awesome? Today I was wondering how I’d go about listing all the unique committers to a git repository. As usual there was some git fu that I had yet to learn:

git shortlog -ns

Running this on the Scala Wartremover repository returns the following:

   126  Brian McKenna
    15  Michal Rus
     9  Michał Rus
     7  Rob Norris
     7  George Leontiev
     6  Nikolay Stanchenko
     6  Pedro Furlanetto
     3  Maxwell Swadling
     3  Jonathan Ferguson
     2  xuwei-k
     2  James Earl Douglas
     2  Dale Wijnand
     2  Cody Allen
     2  Zach Weatherby
     1  Leif Warner
     1  Peter Hausel
     1  Lars Hupel
     1  Jason Zaugg
     1  ChrisNeveu
     1  Vladimir Kostyukov

If you want to further order by email use:

git shortlog -nes

enjoy! :)