Ideas from the chapter “Learning to Create Amidst Chaos” from the book Manage Your Day-To-Day by Erin Rooney Dolan.

  1. Negative distractions interfere with our creative work. (Eg. TV, Social Media, Chatting with coworkers etc.)
  2. Positive distractions help us to do more creative work. (Eg. Rewards after completing a task, going for a walk etc.)
  3. Developing any habit can strengthen willpower in other areas of your life.
  4. Once a new habit is ingrained and can be completed without much effort or thought, that energy can be turned to other activities requiring more self-control.
  5. Tasks done on “autopilot” do not use up our stockpile of energy like tasks that have to be consciously completed.
  6. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you improve your self-control.
  7. Shifting from mindful to mindless work gives the brain time to process complex problems in a relaxed state and also restores the energy necessary for the next round of mindful work.
  8. Repetition is a form of mesmerism. Mesmerise yourself to reach a deeper state of mind.
  9. To hold repetition for a long period of time requires mental and physical strength.