Most current apps are frustrating to use. They constantly crash - an MVP mentality where we are the guinea pigs in an elaborate entrepreneurial experiment.

They are cluttered and chaotic. We are constantly bombarded with decisions we don’t want or need to make. “Would you like to subscribe to this newsletter?” or “App X wants to access your contacts/your friends list/your location”. Hell no! These apps cause stress hormones like Adrenaline and Norepinephrine to be released into our bloodstream. Shitty apps are bad for our health.

I recently read about why empty states deserve more design time. This made me think about how apps could be different.

What if apps were fun to use? What if they were so enjoyable that it resulted in the release of Endorphins into our bloodstream? What if the guiding principle of apps design was to never stress the user? How would we need to change our current design mindset to achieve that?