Four of us - three work colleagues and myself - attended a coffee “class” at our favourite coffee shop Coffee Anthology last Friday. We had been trying to organise it for a while and it all finally came together.

The class lasted for around three and a half hours. During this time we learned many interesting details about coffee and how to make it. Some of the topics we covered were:

  1. The different types of coffee beans.
    1. How the amount of roasting affects the taste of the beans.
    2. How to identity a good roast from a under/over roast.
    3. The texture and smell of a variety of beans.
  2. Tasting coffees that had been made under a variety of extraction speeds. (too slow, too fast, just right)
  3. Tasting coffees that had been made with a variety of extraction pressures. (too little, too much, just right)
  4. Tasting coffees that had been made with a variety milk temperatures. (too low, too high and just right)
  5. A lot of great hands-on Latte art.
  6. Tasting filtered coffee.

And more… but that’s mostly what I remember.

We ended up paying $450 for the four of us. $112.50 each. What a bargain.

If this sounds like fun contact Adam at Coffee Anthology.