While working on Scoggle I came across a number of Functional Programming concepts that I could use to implement it - much to my surprise. Here are the concepts I came across:


return list(map(lambda x: self.get_file_without_extension(x), files))


This example has a map and a filter and is very similar to a Haskell list comprehension.

hits = [os.path.join(root, f) for f in filenames if f.endswith(".scala") and strategy(root, dirnames, f)]

Higher-Order Functions

In this example the returned m is a reference to the constructor of a class.

def get_class(self, kls):
    parts = kls.split('.')
    module = ".".join(parts[:-1])
    m = __import__( module )
    for comp in parts[1:]:
        m = getattr(m, comp)            
    return m


We get to curry a function with Pythons functools library:

matches_file = fp.partial(cut.match_test_file, None, None)