We all want to be the best we can be. We are constantly pushing ourselves to do more. Be more. We can often forget to rest between one challenging task and the next. We still have so much further to go to reach our goal. Resting is for the weak right?

I was recently reading a Medium article that came up with a nice analogy for this. I couldn’t find the article again to reference it so I’ll paraphrase:

Even when you’re pushing yourself in the gym, you still stop between sets to take a break. No one turns up and does a hundred sets without any breaks. That would just lead to massive muscle fatigue and serious side effects. You would not get stronger over time. You’d probably tear a muscle or worse.

We can also apply this principle to our daily lives. Work hard. Then take a breather. You’ll find that just like with your muscles, this practice of resting will make your mind and your motivation grow stronger over time.