Some interesting ideas from Marie Forleo’s interview with Seth Godin:

If not this moment, when? This is the right moment
Seth Godin
  1. Your life doesn’t get more sensational when you have more followers on twitter. That’s not what you ought to be keeping score of.
  2. Does this interaction leave behind a trail that I am proud of? Does the interaction make me glad that I did it and want to do it again?
  3. There is no prize for originality. You should steal other peoples’ ideas.
  4. Choose what matters which aligns with who you want to be.
  5. On blogging - If day after day, week after week you leave this trail behind of thoughtful examination of your world, you can’t help but get better at what you seek to do.
  6. You gain trust and permission to talk to people by showing up in a way that you’d want someone to show up for you.
  7. When you take scarcity away everything changes (Eg. The Internet with music, tv, books).
  8. Intentionally seek out things you maybe wrong about (Find a topic you might be sure about and take an opposite stance about why you might be wrong).
  9. How to be more productive per minute - Have an instinct to ship; not to be perfect, to polish, to justify that you are not shipping.
  10. Most people hesitate to ship, not because they are not ready, but because they are afraid.
  11. Press the buzzer before you are sure you know the answer. You have to be good at buzzer management.
  12. What am I not going to do so that I can do something else (Opportunity cost).
  13. We have to acknowledge we have finite resources, finite time, finite connection. How will we use them to produce outcomes we are proud of?
  14. Don’t be a wondering generality. Be a meaningful specific.

    Unless you’re 4-years-old, if you loose at Monopoly I think you realise it is not personal. It was a game. You didn’t get the rolls you needed, maybe you made a couple of strategy mistakes, but you can play again tomorrow. It’s not about you, don’t have a tantrum, don’t turn the board over and don’t beat yourself up. Why don’t we take that adult mindset and apply it to other things?
    Seth Godin
  15. Isn’t our goal to be better at the game?
  16. We can be mindful, we can be present, we can breathe and say “That’s interesting”. And that answer is so much better than freaking out over what every small failure means.
  17. Don’t act like failure is fatal. It isn’t.

    It should be called Kickfinisher.
    Seth Godin
  18. It wasn’t the big launch, it’s the big finish.

    The long way is the shortcut.
    Seth Godin
  19. Raising Free Range Kids means teaching kids to fail at solving interesting problems, because that’s the only way you ever get good at solving interesting problems.
  20. How to measure your success - Will people miss you if you are gone?
  21. Permission is the privilege of being looked forward to and being missed if you were gone.

    Our goal isn’t to touch everyone. Our goal is to change someone; just one person. If you get good at that, do 5, then do 100. But stop worrying about everyone. Everyone doesn’t matter.
    Seth Godin